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The rising profile of Derek Ajibola

For many decades, entertainment, the music sector in particular, has played a pivotal role in the global rating of Nigeria. Some Nigerian musicians have succeeded in giving the West African country a good export value with their craft. This list of Nigeria’s music ambassadors has continued to grow with the addition of Derek Ajibola, a dynamic songwriter, singer and music producer.

Derek is a multi-talented and versatile singer, songwriter, music producer and actor, who discovered his talent at a tender age after being influenced by the likes of Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti, and Bob Nesta Marley. He has since left no stone unturned in following the path of greatness, as his profile and positive impact on the entertainment sector continues to grow steadily.

Upwardly mobile Derek is a native of Ogun State, but was born on 10 Aprilin Lagos State, Nigeria. He is humble, innovative and versatile.

Derek is a recording and live band musician who flows effortlessly with afro beats and afro-fusion, and performs at all kinds of events.

According to Derek, “I started music as a little boy after learning how to play the piano. I could remember miming Fela Anikulapo songs in high school. I later joined the choir, created a boy band where I performed as a soloist.”

Derek, who is ready to take over the world musically, is expected to hit the airwaves with new songs soon.